Auto Painting

Auto Painting

Whether you drive a gray car, a white car, a red car, or a green car – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re ready for a change. Or maybe you have a ding, scratch, or rusty patch on your car’s exterior. One thing’s for sure. You want to drive around Amarillo or Canyon, TX in a clean, handsome, fresh-looking automobile. Well, Jimmy Fincher Body Shop is your local auto body painting shop. We can turn your gray car to green; your green car to gray. We can take those nasty, rusty scratches and paint them over with a color that matches the rest of your car. The point is, we’re all about automotive painting, for cosmetic or practical reasons. For us, car painting is more than just work. It’s our contribution to keeping older cars on the road, looking newer, looking sleek.

Make Dents and Scratches Disappear in Amarillo or Canyon, TX

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Whether you’re looking for a new color or need minor dents repaired, you’ve come to the right body shop in Amarillo. Auto painting at Jimmy Fincher Body Shop is a fine-tuned process done by professionals. Trust our team to take care of your car.

Work with a team of technicians who care about:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality workmanship
  • Completion time
  • Exceeding your expectations


No matter what year, make or model you own, we’ll efficiently eliminate small dents and scratches from your vehicle.

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Trust our technicians to fix your car right the first time

With the help of experienced mechanics at Jimmy Fincher Body Shop, you can transform your rusted car into a like-new vehicle. We don’t just paint cars, we also remove small dents and scratches during the paint job. You can trust our quality work will help your car’s bodywork last longer in Amarillo or Canyon, TX.

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